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Bringing Occupational Health to Your Workplace

Occupational Health Services help prevent workplace injuries, improve employee health and productivity, and reduce related healthcare costs.

Ascension NW FL AL Occupational Health

You don’t have to spend days away from your work location to receive business and occupational services for your workforce. We will come to you. Two mobile units allow us to provide on-site services across southern Mississippi, South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. We can also provide an on-site consultation where we can review employee population healthcare management, evaluate safety needs, and design a specific occupational health and primary care clinic proposal that can help reduce your company healthcare costs and maintain the health of your employees.

For more information, email Herbert.Mccaskey@ascension.org.

Our mobile units bring the following services to your location:

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Blood draw or finger stick for laboratory screening
  • Physical exams
  • Audiometric testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing
  • Wellness physicals and screenings
  • Flu vaccinations

One-stop for all occupational health services

Our qualified team of doctors and specialists provide accurate testing and screenings so that your employees can perform their essential job functions. We offer a wide range of occupational health services, such as:

  • Board-certified occupational medicine doctor
  • FAA medical examiner 
  • Fire Departments NFPA 1582
  • On-site mobile units and clinics
  • Drug and alcohol screening services
  • Worker’s compensation injuries
  • Physical exams
  • On-site ergonomics evaluations
  • Occupational rehabilitation  
  • Post-offer functional and functional capacity testing
  • Surveillance physicals
  • Audio/pulmonary function testing
  • Walk-in work injury treatment
  • Access to B-readers

Worker’s Compensation Injury Treatment and Management

Our team of Worker’s Compensation providers and specialists communicate with the injured worker, employers and insurance adjusters to closely manage the treatment and referral process, and to ensure quality medical and case management care that ensures the injured worker can safely return to work.

Knowledgeable physicians and advanced practitioners manage work injuries, follow      treatment guidelines, and the Federal and State regulations impacting patient care including:

  • Worker’s Compensation Coordinators manage the referrals and communicate with the patient, employer and adjuster on case status
  • On-site laboratory and X-ray services
  • Ergonomic and work-site evaluations

Physical Exams by Qualified Specialists

Our knowledgeable team of providers and specialists provide accurate testing and screenings so that your employees can perform their essential job functions.

  • Post Offer Exams
  • DOT exams by certified medical examiners
  • Audiometric testing by CACHO certified clinical team
  • Pulmonary function testing by NIOSH trained clinical team
  • Immigration exams
  •  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams
  • Medical surveillance
  • Return to duty
  • Disability exams
  • Annual / periodic
  • Maritime
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Qualitative and quantitative respirator fit tests

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our DOT-trained clinical staff performs accurate drug and alcohol testing for collection using your paper filed chain of custody form or our electronic chain of custody form that can report non-negatives directly to you through a company specific portal within 15 minutes. If the specimen is non-negative, you can track the specimen through the laboratory and review process until a final result is electronically communicated and a certificate generated.

  • DOT (Electronic Chain of Custody or Paper)
  • Non-DOT drug testing
  • Instant all panels
  • Laboratory based all panels
  • Hair
  • Breath alcohol testing by DOT trained clinical team
  • Certified Medical Review Officer

Fire Departments NFPA 1582

NFPA 1582 standards for fire departments provide occupational medical standards to ensure that fire department members can safely perform their essential job tasks.  Our physicians work with fire departments to develop comprehensive screening tests and exams based on those standards. 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Exams

Our Providence Occupational Medicine physician, Kevin Michaels, MD, is an Aviation Medical Examiner and can perform Class 3 and 2 FAA exams.

Other Services

  • Yellow fever
  • Travel medicine
  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure screening and treatmen
  •  Hepatitis vaccination and TB screening
  • Medical directorships specifically for your company
  • Worksite evaluation and medical consultation
  • Ergonomic evaluation and consultation

Expert occupational health services near you

With facilities located in Florida and Alabama, we have convenient locations near you.

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