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Occupational Health

Ascension's occupational health services focus on both the treatment of injuries and improving overall workplace wellness for you and your employees.

About Occupational Health

At Ascension, our occupational health service teams examine how your employees' professional environment and personal health can affect their on-the-job performance. We make on-site visits to your workplace to ensure employee safety, and make recommendations to help prevent potential injuries.

If an accident occurs on site, our professionals work with and support employees at every step. After examining, treating and clearing a patient, we can help navigate any complex paperwork and provide guidance on how to inform employers of an incident. If follow-up appointments are needed, we work with employers and patients to arrange and schedule them.

Hopefully, the only times your employees meet our occupational health team are for physical exams or certifications. However, if extra care is ever necessary, we're here to help. Our goal is to treat each patient with dignity and respect, to gather and communicate information thoughtfully, and to restore patients to health with compassion.


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