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Industrial Rehabilitation

Ascension’s industrial rehabilitation specialists can help businesses manage personal and work-related injuries, and increase organizational success.

About Industrial Rehabilitation

Whether you're in the service industry, an industrial or manufacturing setting or an office environment, returning injured employees to work and keeping them healthy helps maintain your organization's productivity. That’s why Ascension offers a range of rehabilitation and on-site injury prevention services.

Our therapists and expert caregivers will listen to your needs and create customized rehabilitation plans focused on a single objective: getting your employees back to health and back on the job. We provide clinic-based or on-site therapy for individuals, as well as assistance in returning safely to work.

We also help support injury prevention by identifying risk factors and educating employees on workplace safety and health. Our physical therapists, licensed athletic trainers and occupational therapists are ready to help you meet your employees' health needs — and help improve the success of your business.


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