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Health Coaching and Lifestyle Management

Ascension's dedication to occupational health goes beyond injury care. Our health and wellness coaches help you support a healthy workforce.

About Health Coaching and Lifestyle Management

We know that caring for your business means caring for your employees, so occupational wellness is an important Ascension specialty service. Our proactive health management strategies have proven to improve performance and keep your costs low.

Our professional health and wellness coaches provide consultation to your entire employee and dependent population. After meeting with your staff, they build a successful behavior change platform through customized wellness plans. We focus on comprehensive education about common health issues to empower your employees in making positive and lasting lifestyle changes. We utilize behavior change strategies, goal setting, and motivational interviewing to support successful lifestyle management. 

We routinely follow up with health-checks for employees, including goal-setting, metrics such as blood pressure and body mass index (BMI), and important health screenings. By replacing a few bad habits with good ones, your employees can take charge of their health to enjoy lifelong physical and mental well-being.


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