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Your employees are your most valuable asset

Ascension Via Christi provides wide range of occupational medicine services from work injury urgent care to employee wellness.

Ascension Via Christi Employee Health Services

Ascension Via Christi Occupational Medicine provides a full range of workplace-related care services. Our network of healthcare services represents the largest group of DOT-certified doctors specializing in occupational medicine. We focus on being a responsive healthcare partner for your business and employees by delivering a personalized care plan that supports a healthier, more productive workforce.

Customizable services through Ascension Via Christi Occupational Health Network Preferred Provider Organization Network:

  • Inpatient and emergency rooms services at an Ascension Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita, Manhattan and Pittsburg, including diagnostic medical imaging and lab tests. (includes MRI and CT scans)
  • A full range of outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy, including the Via Christi Back to Action Center that simulates multiple work environments to evaluate the function and capacity of the employee prior to returning to work.
  • Statewide prescription networks allow employees to fill prescriptions with no out-of-pocket expense to encourage treatment compliance and reduction in lost work days.
  • Customized services include wellness programs, hepatitis series, flu shots, urine drug screen collections, ergonomic assessments, required physical examinations (ranging from post offer, annual, return to work, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and Hazmat).

Our customized services can include an on-site health clinic at your business. Our experienced team provides consultation and resource to help you maintain sound hiring and employment policies. We focus on affordable care and help you reduce the high costs associated with workplace healthcare claims.

Drug and alcohol screens

  • DOT by certified staff
  • Non-DOT
  • Instant results screen
  • Hair follicle
  • Breath alcohol screening by certified staff
  • Certified MRO services (medical review officer)

Pre-employment physicals

  • DOT physicals by FMCSA-certified physicians
  • Standard employment physicals
  • Hazardous materials physicals
  • OSHA respirator physicals
  • Asbestos physicals
  • Functional capacity evaluations

Specialty services

  • Prevailing factor evaluations
  • Workplace injuries
  • Physical and occupational therapy services
  • 24-hour nurse/injury line
  • Hearing and vision tests
  • X-rays
  • Specialist providers
  • Pulmonary function screening
  • Treadmills
  • Carpal tunnel assessments
  • Back assessments
  • Specialty lab
  • Vaccines/TB skin tests
  • On-site services
  • FMLA review
  • Collaborative medical case management

Ergonomics: The science of fitting jobs to people

  • Workstation analysis
  • Identification of job-site risk factors
  • Evaluation of employee work methods
  • Job description analysis and creation
  • Development of practices that increase productivity and employee safety
  • Expert, on-site training of individuals or teams

Functional capacity evaluation

Functional capacity measures physical abilities

  • Measurement of an injured worker's abilities
  • Evaluation of the client's level of effort
  • Analysis of perceived functional abilities vs. actual abilities
  • Testing of strength, flexibility, endurance and speed
  • Reliable results to establish a worker’s ability to perform their job safely
  • Appropriate work restrictions
  • Objective data for disability determination
  • Maximum voluntary effort
  • Work simulations, distraction-based tasks, and standardized and non-standardized tests

Office Visits

  • Rapid treatment for ill or injured workers — no appointment needed for initial acute injury treatment on same date of injury
  • Diagnostic appointments
  • Treatment appointments
  • X-rays
  • Lab tests
  • Employee-wellness plans
  • Pain management as it relates to a workers’ compensation injury
  • Physician appointments for workers with excessive absences

Workplace Wellness

  • Health Screenings: cholesterol, blood sugars, triglycerides, BMI
  • Immunizations
  • Corporate wellness packages


  • Hand Clinic
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning includes return-to-work and other functional activities

  • Job-specific conditioning activities monitored and measured by a therapist
  • Activities to rebuild stamina and skills


We also provide education on functional adaptive equipment, and fabricate customized splints to protect you from injury, provide positioning, and enhance function.

Drug testing

You can rely on Ascension Via Christi's occupational health team to provide confidential, secure and reliable drug testing for your employees. There is much more to drug testing than meets the eye. It will:

  • Increase your bottom line
  • Reduce your risk as an employer
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Help you identify qualified hires
  • Create a culture of wellness for your company
  • Make it clear your business is dedicated to being a drug-free workplace

Save money and take care of your most valuable asset — your employees! Maintaining a healthy, safe and productive workforce is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business.

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