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In Indiana, Ascension St. Vincent provides wide range of occupational medicine services from work injury urgent care to employee wellness.

Ascension St. Vincent Employee Health Programs

Our Ascension St. Vincent dedicated, team is here to help take the stress out of employee wellness and help you create a healthier, more productive workforce while helping to reduce your organization’s overall healthcare costs. We work with your employees to engage and inspire them to make the health and wellness changes they need to enhance their health, well-being and productivity.

Ascension St. Vincent board-certified occupational medicine specialists and care teams provide high quality, cost-efficient workplace preventive health and acute injury care. Our physical therapists specialize in work-related functional movement evaluations and therapies.

The Ascension St. Vincent Employer Direct Network provides your employees and their families with a comprehensive network featuring top-ranked providers, best possible pricing, integrated care management programs, and timely employer reporting.  A variety of plan designs and flexible funding options are available, along with pharmacy coverage options to meet your needs, and reinsurance partners to provide additional financial protection.  You benefit from a healthier bottom line through a more productive workforce. Your employees actively engage in their own health and make healthier lifestyle choices, leading to lower overall cost.  Thousands of providers in Central and Southern Indiana comprise the Ascension St. Vincent Employer Direct Network.  Your benefit advisor can help you determine which St. Vincent Employer Direct plan is best for you.

Access to a dedicated St. Vincent Primary Care Clinic provides easy, convenient, low-cost health care that is focused on prevention and chronic condition management.  To encourage compliance, we provide immunizations, prescription medications, and lab services - all onsite.  Proactive wellness services and lifestyle management programs are custom-designed to improve health outcomes.  And when a referral to a specialist is required, the care team coordinates scheduling to help each patient gain access more quickly to high quality providers at the best possible cost.  St. Vincent onsite and near site clinics allow employees to more easily fit proactive care into their schedules, resulting in a reduction of avoidable costs for unnecessary specialty care, emergency care, and inpatient utilization.

Productivity improves as employees who utilize dedicated clinics require less time to access and utilize care services and seek care earlier, resulting in better health and well-being.

To foster a healthy workplace environment for employers, we provide triage, assessment, and treatment for emotional and relationship concerns and drug and alcohol related issues.  We offer conflict management, education and leadership programs, supervisory training, provide accessible counselors, and are onsite, at your facility, for critical incident response.

St. Vincent delivers prevention, triage, treatment, ad rehabilitation services to maintain employee occupational health and safety.  Your Human Resources and Safety teams have access to customized pre-employment physical exams, and a variety of medical surveillance.

Additionally, our specialists offer comprehensive worksite audits to make recommendations that help prevent potential injuries.  If an accidental injury or illness occurs, our professionals examine, treat, and clear patients to return to work and assist with complex paperwork.  Our industrial rehabilitation program offers comprehensive services to maximize fitness-for-duty and minimize avoidable injuries.

We provide medical, fitness, and psychological evaluations for Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement personnel to help individuals understand and identify their health risks and to provide a path of support to improve their health.  We also provide medical clearance to specify whether or not an employee is medically fit to perform essential job functions, including an evaluation for respiratory clearance.  Our medical clearance includes a physical examination, complete blood panel, health history questionnaire, an EKG, vision test, pulmonary function test, hearing test, and a stress test for those over 40 years old.

For more information, please contact Crystal Altstadt at: Crystal.Altstadt@Ascension.org.

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