Emergency Care

Emergency Trauma Care When and Where You Need it

Providence Hospital in Mobile has 24/7 emergency medical services at our Level III trauma facility.

Providence Emergency Care Stroke Trauma

Providence Hospital is the regional leader for emergency care. To expedite care, once you enter our facility, you are in our Rapid Assessment Zone. Our emergency staff starts the assessment and important tests. More than 60,000 individuals are treated annually for a medical emergency at Providence Hospital. As a Level III trauma facility, our staff has the advanced training and equipment to treat all kinds of illness and injury, from heart attacks and stroke to bone fractures and major trauma. Our doctors are board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine and all are certified in advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support. 

If critical care transport is needed, this care team brings the seriously injured by helicopter to our helipad, located next to our 30-bed Emergency Department. We provide emergency care for children and adults. 

If you are experiencing stroke-like symptoms, our staff is specially trained to identify stroke and start immediate lifesaving measures. We routinely conduct emergency response drills and community and statewide emergency management exercises to prepare for natural disasters, chemical exposures and mass casualties. When an emergency strikes, we are prepared.  

Advanced Stroke Care Saves Lives

Providence Hospital is a Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center and an American Heart Association Certified Primary Stroke Center. That means our program meets stringent guidelines for quality, safety and education to identify stroke patients and provide immediate, lifesaving care. Our staff completes stroke education annually and consistently meets recommended score requirements. In the ER, neurologists and neurosurgeons are on staff or on call 24/7 to provide stroke care when minutes count. Our neurologists continue to provide specialized care while the patient is hospitalized. 

Fast Treatment for Heart Attacks

Like stroke, heart attacks require immediate diagnosis and treatment. The Providence Hospital ER provides exceptional care for heart attacks including those caused by a complete blockage of a coronary artery which can quickly cause death and disability. Cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons are available around the clock to provide any medical and surgical intervention that is necessary.

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