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Ascension believes everyone deserves a healthy smile, so our dentists and hygienists are committed to providing affordable, quality dental care.

About Dental Health

From preventing cardiovascular issues to managing diabetes, oral care has an important connection to your overall health. That’s why Ascension’s dental experts work closely with you to keep your teeth healthy over the years.

During your initial visit, a professional dentist will evaluate your teeth and bite for signs of decay, oral cancer or other issues. If you have cavities or chipped or broken teeth, our experts can recommend effective options like fillings or crowns to help repair the damage.

Ascension dental care also includes emergency treatments for dental pain, bleeding and swelling, dentures or procedures like root canal therapy.

Our knowledgeable, registered dental hygienists provide preventive care, such as teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments and dental sealants. They also talk with you about oral hygiene and how to care for your teeth between visits, and make sure you have the right long-term oral care plan for your needs.


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