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Cosmetic Injections

Ascension’s cosmetic injection services will help keep your skin looking fresh and smooth, and give you the confidence you need to feel your best.

About Cosmetic Injections

Ascension offers a variety of cosmetic injections designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and give you more youthful-looking skin. You can see results within days and, unlike cosmetic surgery, the injections are quick and minimally invasive.

Some of the trusted, well-known cosmetic injections and dermal fillers we use include BOTOX®, Restylane®, Perlane®, RADIESSE® and Juvéderm®. Ascension’s cosmetic care team — specially trained dermatologists, skin care specialists, physicians and aestheticians — will evaluate your skin to recommend the best product and procedure for your needs.

For spider veins on your thighs, calves or ankles, our dermatologists may suggest sclerotherapy. This procedure uses a series of small injections that cause the veins to collapse and vanish with a minimum of discomfort. You’ll likely need no more than a light local anesthetic applied to your skin, and your dermatologist will make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process.


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