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Vascular Health

Ascension's variety of personalized care plans, including screenings, lifestyle counseling and surgery, can help ensure your vascular health.

About Vascular Health

Your circulatory system helps your body receive blood, oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. Three types of vascular disease commonly affect the circulatory system: peripheral artery disease, or narrowed arteries; venous thromboembolism, a blood clot in the vein; and aortic aneurysm, a weakened area on the wall of an artery. Issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol can contribute to vascular-health risk.

Whether you need vascular screening, assistance with lifestyle changes, or even surgical options, Ascension can help you manage and improve your vascular health. Our team customizes your care to your needs, with treatment options that can include counseling for exercise, nutrition and stress reduction, and even medication when needed.

If surgery is necessary, Ascension's cardiology and vascular specialists have expertise in both traditional and groundbreaking procedures to get you back to your full health as quickly as possible.


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