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Prevention for Peripheral Artery Disease

St. John Providence’s Amputation Prevention Centers heal chronic wounds from peripheral artery disease to prevent lower limb loss.

Vascular Disease Amputation Prevention

Both of our locations in southeast Michigan, focus on all types of non-healing wounds. Peripheral artery disease blocks blood flow and complicates wound care. The vascular specialists at our Amputation Prevention Centers -- part of a national network -- Amputation Prevention Centers of America give you a customized treatment plan. You will have your wound measured, photographed, and any other treatments or x-rays performed as needed until you are healed.  The doctor and nurses will teach you what to do to avoid getting another wound.

Our doctors have advanced training in wound healing and amputation prevention and include surgical podiatrist and endovascular specialists such as interventional radiologists and cardiologists and vascular surgeons.  

 If you have a hard-to-heal, wound that has not healed within 30 days call us. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) can complicate the healing process and needs to be closely managed. The simplest wounds can turn into significant problems when your body’s normal healing process is affected. For more information about our wound healing approach, call:

  • St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Amputation Prevention Center, Detroit, MI, 313-343-8701
  • Providence Hospital, Amputation Prevention Center, Southfield, MI, 248-849-6350

Symptoms that Need Immediate Attention

Call St. John Providence for an appointment if you are experiencing these wound healing concerns:

  • Red and/or swollen foot or leg
  • Black ulcer or skin surrounding the wound
  • Post limb amputation concerns  

If you have been told you might need an amputation of a toe, foot or lower limb, call us for a consultation regarding preventing amputation.

With fever, flu-like symptoms and swollen, red or blackened skin, go to your nearest emergency department and then contact the St. John Providence Amputation Prevention Center nearest you for follow-up appointment.

We Treat Chronic, Non-healing Ulcers

There are many types of ulcers. We specialize in the treatment of all non-healing wounds:

  • Ulcers: diabetic foot, venous, pressure, arterial (ischemic), post-radiation
  • Other types of wounds: trauma, infected, non-healing surgical
  • Crush injuries
  • Compromised skin flaps or grafts 

The staff at the Amputation Prevention Centers at St. John Providence have the knowledge and experience to help you avoid amputation.

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