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Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

If you need heart or vascular surgery, Ascension's team of highly trained cardiovascular experts can create a surgery and recovery plan just for you.

About Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

Heart and vascular-system conditions can affect many parts of the body. In addition to chest pain, heart problems can cause symptoms in the brain, kidneys and arms or legs. Ascension's team of professionals, including cardiologists, vascular surgeons and radiologists, specializes in diagnosing and treating these types of conditions.

Our personalized, comprehensive treatment plans are designed to preserve your independence while helping to slow disease progress and prevent complications. We offer both traditional and groundbreaking procedures, from valve repair and replacement to aneurysm removal in the abdomen, chest, brain and limbs.

Ascension’s heart and vascular surgeons also perform life-saving heart, coronary-artery and vascular-system procedures, including heart transplants. While some treatment plans involve open-heart surgery, many cardiac interventions use minimally invasive robotic technology and image-guided radiology.

After surgery, our care teams help manage your recovery so you can heal quickly and get back to your full health and well-being.


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Seton Heart Institute Valve Clinic, Austin, Texas

Structural Heart Doctors for Heart Valve Care

At Seton Heart Institute, the Valve Clinic surgeons provide advanced heart care solutions, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

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