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About Heart Surgery

When surgery is the right option for your heart, Ascension’s teams of highly trained doctors — including cardiologists, heart surgeons and radiologists — can create a surgery and recovery plan just for you.

Ascension cardiovascular care teams specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart. We work with you to make a personalized care plan that preserves your independence while helping to slow heart disease and prevent complications.

Heart surgery to prolong your life

We offer life-saving procedures, from placing stents to open closed arteries to repairing and replacing heart valves. Many of these may be done with minimally invasive surgery, rather than open heart surgery. And we will explore your options with you. Across Ascension’s national integrated network, our heart surgeons also perform advanced coronary bypass procedures and heart transplants.

After surgery, our heart surgery care teams are dedicated to managing your recovery, to help you heal.

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