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Treating Heart Failure with Impella and EECP

The Heart Failure Clinic at Sacred Heart is nationally recognized for having significantly better outcomes than most U.S. hospitals.

Heart Failure Clinic at Sacred Heart

The quality of the Heart Failure treatment program at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola is nationally recognized for having significantly better outcomes than most U.S. hospitals (based on a national three-year study). Within Florida, our Clinic is highly ranked for helping heart failure patients avoid problems that cause them to be re-admitted to the hospital. 

At Sacred Heart we provide many types of advanced heart failure treatments. For more information call 850-416-4188.

The Impella device for high-risk PCI procedures is the world’s smallest ventricular assist device (VAD). Interventional cardiologists use this devise in adults with depressed heart function. When needed, the Impella device can continuously keep blood pumping during and after a heart procedure.  

We also provide an alternative therapy for chronic chest pain and heart failure called enhanced external counter-pulsation therapy (EECP). This therapy is safe and effective for relieving angina symptoms by increasing the blood supply to the heart and decreasing the cardiac workload. 

At the Heart Failure Clinic within Sacred Heart Hospital, experienced, compassionate nurses work with a team of healthcare professionals to help patients achieve a better quality of life. Most people with mild and moderate congestive heart failure can be treated with a regimen that includes rest, modified daily activities, proper diet, and various medications.  In addition to education, the clinic staff can obtain and monitor lab work, blood pressures and EKG rhythm strips. 

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