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Ascension’s cholesterol and cardiology specialists can help lower your cardiovascular risks by putting you in control of your cholesterol health.

About Cholesterol Health

Lipid, or cholesterol, disorders mean increased risks for life-threatening issues like heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. That’s why Ascension specialists work closely with you to help lower those risks and improve your cholesterol health.

Managing cholesterol issues is an ongoing, gradual process, and you can expect personalized care from Ascension at every step. Our cardiologists, nurses and dietitians work closely with you to develop a treatment plan customized for your unique needs. From your very first visit, your team answers your questions, gives you focused attention and ensures that you’re comfortable with your treatment.

Our many treatment options include medication, a cholesterol-healthy diet, exercise plan and stress reduction techniques. Your visits may also include physical exams, lab tests and lifestyle counseling. We'll continually monitor your progress and adjust your care plan as needed so you can successfully manage your cholesterol in the years to come.


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