Heart and Vascular Health

CV Nurse Navigator Provides Guidance and Support

At Ascension in Southeast Michigan, our cardiovascular nurse navigator gets answers to your questions and focuses on your comfort and needs.

Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator

A heart disease diagnosis can cause significant anxiety and concern. If you have questions that need answers, tests to schedule and uncertainty about how to navigate the next steps:

Contact Cardiovascular (CV) Nurse Navigator:

Dawn Naidow, BSN, RN, HN-BC
Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator
22101 Moross Rd.
Detroit, MI 48236
313-343-3396 office
313-343-4061 fax

CV Navigator Brings All Care Partners Together

We seek to understand and support your needs by:

  1. Identifying home care and how your family can help
  2. Communicating with your heart and vascular doctors
  3. Getting answers to your questions
  4. Educating you throughout the journey
  5. Scheduling tests to get prompt treatment
  6. Connecting you with financial counselors
  7. Coordinating referrals and second opinions to other specialists

At Ascension in Southeast Michigan, we have a network of cardiovascular services that work closely with our CV navigation program:

  • Advanced heart failure clinic
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Cardiac support groups
  • Clinical trials
  • Heart valve clinic
  • Heart Health education programs (such as smoking cessation)
  • Lipid clinic

If you think you would benefit from this program, call our Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator directly or talk to your cardiologist.

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