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Our Ascension Michigan care teams are highly experienced doctors who provide compassionate care for your heart.

Ascension Michigan AFib

At Ascension Michigan, our care teams are committed to helping improve your heart’s health. In many cases, the feeling of a quiver or flutter in your chest can be a sign of AFib. By scheduling an appointment with one of our cardiologists you are taking the first steps to improving your heart’s health and quality of life. Our cardiologists can help provide a diagnosis and treatment option that is right for you.

To schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations, please call: 866-501-3627 - option 3.

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Our doctors are experienced in providing quality, individualized care for a wide variety of heart and vascular needs - from helping you manage your high blood pressure to bringing renewed hope to patients with Atrial Fibrillation, Peripheral Artery Disease, Complex Heart Valve Disease and Pulmonary Embolisms and much more.

Treatments for AFib

There is no one single treatment that is effective for all AFib patients. Treatment can depend on several factors, including the severity of your symptoms, how you will respond to a treatment, and the risks versus the benefits of the treatment.

Our doctors at Ascension Michigan are specially trained in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Depending on your situation, certain treatments may be more effective than others. Learn more about the different treatment options we provide at Ascension Michigan below:

Non-surgical treatment options of AFib:

  • Medications to restore the normal heart rhythm/rate
  • Blood thinners to aid in stroke prevention
  • Cardioversion which shocks the heart back into a normal rhythm
  • Heart rhythm monitors (pacemakers, etc.)

Procedural treatment options for AFib:

  • Left atrial catheter ablation
  • Cyroablation
  • Radiofrequency catheter ablation
  • WATCHMAN, left atrial occlusion device

Surgical treatments for AFib:

  • Maze procedure
  • Stand-alone surgical AFib ablation

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