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Oncology Rehabilitation

Ascension’s oncology rehabilitation services help you manage the side effects of cancer treatments so you can build strength and regain independence.

About Oncology Rehabilitation

If the side effects of your cancer treatments are impacting your daily routine and quality of life, Ascension can help. By working together with you and your oncology care team, our rehabilitation specialists will put together a program designed to boost your recovery.

Depending on your unique needs, your oncology rehab team may include physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. We can help address issues including difficulty speaking and swallowing, and make everyday tasks such as walking, bathing and dressing easier. Cancer rehabilitation can also help combat pain, fatigue and memory or concentration problems.

Our certified therapists develop an ongoing, personalized care plan to minimize pain, reduce swelling associated with lymphedema, and restore your mobility. We work closely with you throughout your program and provide follow-ups to monitor your progress. And throughout your entire recovery, Ascension experts work to care for your full health — body, mind and spirit.


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