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Pediatric Cancer Care

With research, advanced treatments and compassionate care, Ascension's pediatric cancer team works to treat and cure childhood and adolescent cancers.

About Pediatric Cancer Care

Ascension's pediatric oncology programs are designed to help children with cancer conquer their illnesses and go on to lead full, happy lives.

With experienced specialists, the latest in diagnostic technologies and comprehensive treatment options, Ascension is at the forefront of cancer care. Our dedicated pediatric oncologists understand how cancer therapies can affect a child’s growing body. They’ll explain and discuss your child’s diagnosis, and work with you to develop the right treatment plan.

Ascension’s pediatric cancer care facilities are designed to help protect children’s immune systems, and the family-focused environment allows your child to play and minimize stress. Our pediatric nurses are skilled at making our young patients feel calm in hospital surroundings. We also offer referrals to specialized children’s hospitals when needed.

Throughout your child’s treatment, we’re committed to providing your family with education, guidance and emotional support.


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