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Our lymphedema therapy services can diagnose and provide treatment to control your lymphedema symptoms, and help you take control of your condition.

About Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema develops when the lymphatic system can’t adequately remove fluids and proteins from body tissue. The fluids build up within the tissue space, causing chronic swelling of the arms, legs or other areas of the body.

Whether lymphedema occurs following cancer treatment, after injury or as a congenital condition, its effects — from discomfort to limited body movement — can be challenging and frustrating to live with every day. So Ascension’s lymphedema therapy services go beyond the initial diagnosis.

Our therapists can provide combined decongestive therapy (CDT), a treatment plan that usually involves gentle exercises, lymphatic massage and medical compression bandages. We also teach you exercises and techniques to help you manage your condition, so you have the long-term tools to improve your daily quality of life.


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