Breast Cancers

Supporting you through your breast cancer journey

Every breast cancer journey is different, and Ascension Saint Thomas care teams will be by your side supporting you.

Breast Cancer Care at Ascension Saint Thomas

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Ascension Saint Thomas breast cancer specialists are here to answer your questions and help support your well-being — in mind, body and spirit. We listen to what’s important to you, creating a care plan that’s focused on you.


Breast cancer screening and beyond

Taking charge of your breast health means making a breast exam part of your health routine. Often, it can be part of your regular, Primary care or OB/GYN check up. Your screening may include a breast exam by your doctor, a digital 3D Tomosynthesis mammogram and breast ultrasounds. Ascension breast care specialists can help you learn proactive steps to keep your breasts healthy.


Diagnosis and Treatment

Guiding the way through breast cancer

Breast cancer isn’t just one disease or one type of cancer. Understanding breast cancer and the steps to treat it can be confusing. Our experienced specialists take the time to explain your diagnosis and treatment options, answer your questions and tell you what you might expect.

Your personalized care plan may include:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy and precision medicine
  • Biotherapy, immunotherapies and anti-hormonal therapies

Doctor comforts breast cancer patient.

Meet our Specialists

Our group of surgeons and nurse practitioners who focus entirely on the detection and advanced surgical treatment of breast cancer and breast disease.

Dr. Mark Akins, MD, breast surgeon, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Mark Akins, MD

Dr. Lisa Bellin, MD, breast surgeon, Nashville, Tennessee.
Lisa Bellin, MD

Dr. Eduardo Diaz, MD, breast surgeon, Nashville, Tennessee.
Eduardo Dias, MD

Lindsay Keith, MD

Dr. Robin Williams, MD, breast surgeon, Nashville, Tennessee.
Robin Williams, MD

Katharine Douillard, WHNP-BC, nurse practitioner, Nashville, Tennessee.
Katharine Douillard, WHNP-BC

Elizabeth Schaeffer, NP, nurse practitioner, Nashville, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Schaeffer, MSN, NP-C


Our Breast Cancer Care Locations:

High Risk Surveillance Program

Led by Ascension Saint Thomas Medical Partners (STMP) breast specialists, the STMP High Risk Surveillance Program provides a unique place for women to receive specialized care and individualized medical advice related to their potential risk of developing breast cancer. The program is designed for women with significant family history of genetic mutations or higher than average risk for breast cancer.

We provide comprehensive evaluation of individual risk based on family health history, personal health history, potential genetic risk and results of mammograms and other breast diagnostic services. Reviewing all of the risk factors in one comprehensive setting provides the information needed for women to evaluate risk and if needed, make changes in lifestyle or surveillance activities.

Services include:

  • Breast health education
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Additional imaging studies
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Preventive therapies
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Prophylactic surgery or surgical intervention

These services are offered by Elizabeth Schaeffer, MSN, NP-C and Katharine Douillard, WHNP-BC at the following locations: