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Breast Cancer

From diagnosing symptoms to providing treatment for all types and stages of breast cancer, Ascension gives you expert, personalized cancer care.

About Breast Cancer

Whether you have just experienced breast cancer symptoms or are ready to begin a treatment program, Ascension provides care designed around you.

Timely diagnosis is essential, so we use ultrasound and digital mammography to catch early signs of breast cancer. During your care, your team of specialists will talk with you about your medical history and the best approach for you. You’ll then be closely connected with your team to guarantee a personal, effective care plan.

We offer treatment plans and options for all types and stages of breast cancer, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy, immunotherapies and anti-hormonal therapies. You'll also receive support services during your program and after it's been completed.

From diagnosis and treatment to recovery and survivorship, we recognize that a compassionate, personal approach to breast cancer means caring for the whole person: body, mind and spirit.


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