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Care for Benign Liver Tumors or Cysts

Hepatology specialists at Ascension Wisconsin deliver personalized care for benign liver tumors and cysts.

Benign liver tumor care at Ascension Wisconsin

FOR PATIENTS: hepatobiliary clinic: 414-298-7133

FOR PHYSICIANS: hepatobiliary nurse navigator: 414-298-7156

A tumor is an abnormal mass caused by rapidly reproducing cells. A cyst is a sac that consists of fluid, air or other bodily material. Both can be diagnosed as malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous) and develop anywhere inside the body.

At Ascension Wisconsin, our care team listens to you to understand your concerns. We provide a range of diagnostic tests and advanced care options for benign liver tumors, such as:

Ascension Wisconsin Research Institute by calling 414-635-6420 or emailing

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