Cancer Care

Ascension Saint Thomas lung cancer specialists

Offering a multi-disciplinary and minimally invasive approach to the treatment of lung cancer.


Offering a multi-disciplinary and minimally invasive approach to the treatment of lung cancer.

Providing early detection and supportive care in your lung cancer journey.

At Ascension Saint Thomas we approach the treatment of lung cancer with the region’s most advanced technology needed to detect and treat cancers of the lung and chest.

Lung Cancer Screening

With advancements in lung cancer screening, the chances of survival are higher than ever before. Research has shown that using low-dose CT (LDCT) scans to screen people at higher risk for lung cancer saves lives, when a lung cancer is found at an earlier stage.

How do I know if I am eligible for a lung cancer screening?

Yearly lung cancer screening with LDCT scans are recommended for people who are:

  • 55 to 80 years old
  • A current smoker or a person who quit smoking in the past 15 years
  • Have at least a 30 pack-year smoking history. (This is the number of years you smoked multiplied by the number of packs of cigarettes per day.)
  • Have no signs or symptoms of lung cancer Lung Cancer Signs & Symptoms | Common Symptoms of Lung Cancer
  • In good health, and could tolerate treatment for early stage lung cancer

Talk with your doctor to discuss the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening.

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Appointments can also be scheduled over the phone at (615) 986-6066.

Lung Nodule Surveillance and Lung Cancer Programs

If you’ve been found to have a lung nodule on CT imaging or chest x-ray, you can be referred to our Lung Nodule Surveillance specialists. Patients meet with pulmonologists, advanced practice providers and if needed, thoracic surgeons, all with extensive knowledge of lung nodule management. Our screening and surveillance program has been named a Screening Center of Excellence and Care Continuum Centers of Excellence by GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.

Meet our Lung Nodule Diagnostic Specialists


Benjamin Ferrell, MD (Midtown)

Mark Peacock, MD (Midtown)

Stephen Capizzi, MD (Midtown)

Chace T. Carpenter, MD(Midtown)

Jason Pritchett, MD (Midtown)

Thomas Atwater, MD (Midtown)

Jordan E Phillips (Midtown)


Jaideed Sood (Rutherford)

Awais Javed (Rutherford) 

Talk with your doctor about a referral to our Lung Nodule Surveillance specialists or contact a Lung Nurse Navigator to assist you.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer

Symptoms for lung cancer may not appear until the disease is in its later states. Know the signs and symptoms.

Lung Cancer Signs & Symptoms | Common Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Cancer comes with many questions. We’re here to support you, starting with helping you understand your diagnosis.

Our Ascension Saint Thomas board-certified Thoracic surgeons lead our multidisciplinary Thoracic oncology program to ensure quality care and successful recovery. Our experts participate in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons General Thoracic Surgery Database (GTSD), the largest and most robust clinical database in North America and the gold standard for quality improvement and patient safety.

Our experienced providers offer state-of-the-art:

  • Robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Radiation therapy techniques that reduce complication risk and improve patient quality of life
  • Tumor genetic testing to ensure appropriate treatment options and access to clinical trials
  • Access to new targeted therapies and immunotherapies

Meet our Thoracic Surgery Specialists

John Howington (Midtown, Gallatin, West)

Darius Hollings (West)

Ward Houck (Rutherford)

Brian Wilcox (Midtown)

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Cancer Support Services

Our specialists also offer an array of resources that can help patients cope with the demands of cancer. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of these resources to ease the burden of managing cancer including:

  • Nurse navigation
  • Social work, Financial counseling and assistance
  • Rehabilitation, smoking and tobacco cessation programs
  • Cancer wellness and survivorship programs
  • Spiritual care
  • Referral to national and local resources

Contact us at 615-284-CARE or at

Learn more about our cancer support services

Contact our lung nurse navigator