Alternative Medicine

Movement Classes

Ascension's expert movement instructors can support your overall health and balance by improving your strength, flexibility and stability.

About Movement Classes

Finding balance is essential to your overall health. Ascension's movement classes can help.

Movement practices like yoga and tai chi are proven ways to improve your focus, strength and flexibility. But along with other physical benefits like better endurance and stability, our movement exercises also provide important mental benefits as well. With guidance from our experienced instructors, regular movement will reduce your stress and help improve your body awareness.

Our movement classes are led by compassionate experts ready to guide you through exercises that match your comfort and ability. Whether you're just beginning movement exercises or already feel comfortable with advanced poses, we're here to support you with instruction that's tailored to your needs and goals.

Through controlled motion and breathing, our movement exercises will help focus your mind and strengthen your body. No matter how you move, Ascension is here to help you find balance.