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From gentle stretches to deep-tissue pressure, Ascension's professional therapists can improve your well-being through many types of massage therapy.

About Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapy is more than a relaxing experience. Under the care of our trained massage therapists, you can experience rejuvenating, long-term health benefits.

Massage therapies are proven to reduce muscle tension, pain and stress. They can improve your joint flexibility, circulation and even the strength of your immune system responses. And over time, better awareness of your mind and body can benefit your total health.

Because all bodies are different, we offer a variety of techniques, from gentle massages to deeper manual techniques. While traditional Swedish massage is ideal for first-time patients, our therapists can provide hot stone massages, prenatal massage and even use essential oils to enhance your experience.

We also offer advanced techniques. Myofacial release lets the patient's body guide the therapist, and lymphatic massage helps move lymph fluid through the body. Whatever your needs, our therapies can support your total health. Plus, they're incredibly relaxing.


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