Orientation: SCS Regional Care Center

Policies, patient referral guidelines and on-boarding information for the SCS Regional Care Center.

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For the safety of our community, only admitted patients and associates working at the facility are allowed inside.

Warning: No visitors, no screening or testing servicesThe Suburban Collection Showplace Regional Care Center (SCSRCC) is not a facility that is accessible to the general public for healthcare services or health screening and testing. SCSRCC cares for patients that are referred by a healthcare professional and transferred directly from various health systems in southeast Michigan. For the safety of patients, associates and management, the facility does not allow visitors.

  • Suburban Collection Showcase Regional Care Center (SCSRCC) is a facility intended for patients who have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) and who are of low and intermediate acuity, including those in need of low flow supplemental oxygen. It may be particularly appropriate for patients who are considered to be ready for discharge but may need additional transitional care and/or for those awaiting nursing home or other long-term care placement.

    SCSRCC can deliver or has the ability to provide the following:

    • Supplemental oxygen less than or equal to 6 LPM
    • Intravenous fluids
    • Nutritional support
    • Medication administration
    • ACLS medications and equipment to stabilize decompensating patients

    SCS has the following limited capabilities:

    • Limited monitoring capabilities
    • Limited lab capabilities (i-STAT and POC Glucose)
    • Anticipate having rapid COVID testing for discharge from SCSRCC when appropriate for patient placement
    • PT, OT, Case Manager / Social Worker, Behavioral Health

    SCS does not have the following capabilities:

    • Imaging
    • Specialty care consultation
    • IV pumps
    • Telemetry
    • Critical care unit

    Patient Profile:

    • Stable, Covid-19 positive patients requiring supportive therapies and/or placement following an acute care stay
    • No evidence of impending respiratory failure, hemodynamic instability (e.g., circulatory collapse) or complicated co-morbid conditions.
    • Chronic medical conditions should be well controlled and may include:
      • COPD/Asthma - Cannot require MDI treatments more frequently than q4hrs.
      • CHF - Cannot be on IV diuresis
      • Bacterial Infections (cellulitis/pneumonia) - transitioned to oral antibiotics
      • Diabetes - Cannot accept patients in DKA
      • Dementia - Cannot accept currently disruptive patients
      • Psychiatric Conditions - Cannot accept unstable or currently disruptive patients
    • No patient will be accepted with a current infection or symptoms consistent with Clostridium Difficile
    • Patients not appropriate for SCS include:
      • Patients requiring intensive care
      • Patients requiring close monitoring (sitter or camera)
      • Patients requiring complete ADL assistance
      • Patients generally unable to move on their own
      • Hendrich Fall Score of 5 or greater

  • Transfer Process to SCS Regional Care Center:

    1. To initiate transfer of a patient, contact the SCS Regional Care Center at (248) 870-2700 to speak to the Intake Team regarding the patient.
    2. Case managers/discharge planners may make initial contact to discuss appropriateness of patients for the facility.
    3. Direct Communication between the transferring physician and the accepting SCS physician must occur before any transfer is approved.
    4. Once approved, the transferring facility will be provided a phone number to contact MedStar Ambulance to arrange interfacility transfer to SCS.
    5. There is no direct admission to SCS. All patients must be admitted after referral and discharge from a hospital.

    Patient Transfer Checklist - The following Items must be sent with the patient:

     □  Send 2 Rapid Test Kits

     □  What are the discharge requirements related to COVID Testing for this patient?

     □  Printed hospital discharge summary

     □  List of reconciled patient medications

     □  Patient belongings given to family member

     □  Copy of the patient's face-sheet including insurance information

     □  Please document patient’s code status

     □  Documentation indicating Legal Power of Attorney for Healthcare (if applicable)

Welcome and Orientation Video

Working at SCS Regional Care Center

To all those working at the SCS Regional Care Center, thank you!

Password-protected orientation information is available here.
Please reach out to the Helpdesk at 586-753-0000 if you did not receive a password for orientation materials.


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