Ascension Little Saints Daycare

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Mon-Fri: 5:45 a.m.-7 p.m.

About Us

To get great care for your everyday life, visit our convenient location where you’ll receive compassionate, personalized care.

Our daycare center is open to the community as well as to Ascension All Saints Hospital employees. We also offer a 4K program for Racine County residents through the Racine Unified School District (RUSD).

To learn more, meet our teachers, take a tour, and join Ascension Little Saints Daycare in Racine, please call 262-687-8615 .  
Our Philosophy
Consistent with Ascension values, our teachers have respect and compassion for the dignity of each child. Combining that with a fun learning environment gives you an excellent day care center for your loved ones. 

Lesson plans focus on:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility 
  • Skill to make good decisions

Studies show that children find learning fun in a comfortable, age-appropriate environment. Our exceptional child care services are designed to achieve social interaction and cognitive, physical and emotional development of children, enhanced by a bright, colorful atmosphere.

Physical Activity
We keep all age groups busy with activities and utilize our outside garden playground at least twice each day. Bikes, trikes and cars are available to make the kids use their large muscles. In the winter, we go out and play in the snow.

For no additional cost, kids participate once a week in a yoga class led by a certified yoga instructor.

Family-style meals are provided throughout the day, including:

  • Breakfast
  • AM and PM snacks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner at 6:05 pm

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