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Community Initiatives

Ascension physicians and associates donate time and resources to help local organizations and those in need through programs, projects and activities.

Living and working in the neighborhoods we serve, we understand the needs of everyone in our communities – from the most economically stable to the under-served, the sick and the elderly. Learn how we're impacting the community.

Community Open Houses and Wellness Fairs

Ascension occasionally hosts open houses and wellness fairs, where free health information and screenings are provided to people in the community. Some of the activities that take place during these events include free diagnostic health screenings such as diabetes blood glucose, blood pressure, skin cancer, and more. In addition, children have the opportunity to participate in teddy bear clinics, face painting sessions, and tooth brushing demonstrations.

Meals on Wheels

Having transportation to go to your job, a doctor's appointment or simply buy food for your family is something many of us take for granted. For some people, however, it's a very real concern. Thanks in part to funding provided by Ascension St. Michael's Hospital, Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of Portage County offers free rides to those in need—older adults, disabled individuals and low-income families—in the Stevens Point area.

Other programs and services supported by Ascension St. Michael's Hospital include:
  • Cancer Center Support Services
  • Christian Workplace
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Central & Northeast Wisconsin
  • Family Health Medical & Dental Center
  • Gun Safety Awareness Programs
  • Operation Bootstrap
  • Portage County Humane Society
  • Ronald McDonald House