Ascension Providence Wound Care Center

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About Us

The Ascension Texas Wound Care Center in Waco is on the Ascension Providence campus.

Ascension Providence has the only chronic wound center between Dallas and Killeen, Texas. Our care team provides highly skilled inpatient and outpatient services using advanced healing therapies. Your treatment plan is personalized for your total health needs. For patients with hard-to-heal wounds, the Ascension care team uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy when indicated. We coordinate your care, so your primary care doctor is regularly updated on your progress, and you have the tools you and your family needs for daily wound care.

Our doctors have advanced training in wound management and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The care team includes nurses with special training in wound care and wound care technicians to perform non-invasive testing and therapies.

Our compassionate care teams are here to support you.

About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Sometimes wounds do not respond to general wound care treatments. Some patients are candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). This technology compliments other wound healing methods. During HBO therapy, you are placed in a pressurized chamber where you breathe 100 percent oxygen. By increasing the presence of oxygen within the wound and surrounding tissue, new tissue growth can develop. Our care team provides family-centered services, so you and your caregivers understand the importance of every appointment. We monitor progress at every session and communicate with your primary care doctors about long-term wound healing management goals.