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Community Benefit Reports

Learn how our programs and services help improve the overall health of the communities we serve, and provide quality healthcare to all who need it.

Our Mission, Vision and Values provide a strong foundation and guidance for the work St. Mary’s of Michigan does in meeting the needs of the Community, with a special attention to the poor and vulnerable. As such, we are proud to share with you the results of the:

The findings from the community health report presented in 2011 highlight the top five areas of concern prioritized by the community:

  • Access to Health Care
  • Infant Mortality
  • Chronic Disease
  • Obesity
  • Behavioral Health

St. Mary's of Michigan has a rich history of helping those who are poor and most vulnerable, empowering with resources to assist in self-sufficiency. We are supporting these community health efforts by investing human capital and expertise collaborating in work groups, and through providing a community outreach center with Registered Nurses and Community Health Workers to help connect those in need to available resources including:

  • Center of HOPE and a network of free clinics as conduits to care to a medical home
  • Pharmacy Assistance Program and Charitable Community Benefit Pharmacy
  • Community Health Education and Outreach Programs for Chronic Diseases
  • Hearth Home- HIV prevention, education and outreach center
  • Cancer screening program

To request copies or for more information about the community health report or outreach, please call 989-907-8775.