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Community Benefit Reports

Genesys is deeply committed to improving community health through programs and various community benefit activities.

Community Health Needs Assessment The residents of Genesee County, Michigan and its urban core, the city of Flint, are served by three local hospital systems: Genesys Health System, Hurley Medical Center, and McLaren Flint. These separate hospital systems have come together in partnership with the Greater Flint Health Coalition and a collection of multi-sector and community stakeholders to complete a joint Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the Flint / Genesee County area.

In accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act), enacted March 23, 2010, Genesys Health System will continue to respond to the health needs of our community. The Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals to assess the healthcare needs of their communities and to adopt an implementation strategy to address the needs identified every three years. We are deeply committed to improve community health through programs and various community benefit activities. CHNA identified health needs for 2016 were prioritized based upon potential long term health outcomes, ability for a health system to have an impact on addressing the need, current priorities and programs, and effectiveness of existing programs. The prioritization process involved data review from the GFHC’s Data Review Subcommittee and Cost & Resource Planning Committee. Genesys leadership in collaboration with the Genesys CHNA Priorities Steering Committee then decided to prioritize and address six out of the ten community needs:

  1. Access to Clean & Safe Drinking Water
  2. Infant / Child Health & Development
  3. Obesity / Overweight & Healthy Lifestyle
  4. Effective Care Delivery for an Aging Population
  5. Food Insecurity
  6. Health Care Access

Download or print a copy of the 2016 GHS Community Health Needs Assessment
Download or print a copy of the 2016 GHS Implementation Strategy
To learn more about the Community Health Needs Assessment, please review the documents below:

For those who would like to obtain a hard copy, please contact Danielle DeSimone at 810-606-5760.