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Medical Services

Ascension Living HOPE offers a medical clinic where physicians and licensed nurses help guide you toward your best health.

All Ascension Living HOPE participants will visit our clinic every six months — and more often as needed — for a health assessment.

Ascension Living HOPE is your primary care provider

As a participant, you will rely on Ascension Living HOPE as your sole primary care provider. We guarantee access to quality care, but cannot guarantee you access to a particular provider.

Your first visit to the clinic will be during your pre-enrollment assessment. At that time the nurse and physician will visit with you about your health history, health goals, medications and assistance needs. After enrollment the clinic will function much like any other doctor’s office. We will encourage preventive health screenings, educate on healthy life habits and provide you with the information you need to have the quality of life you desire.

In the clinic, we also do lab tests and x-rays. Other more specialized tests or specialty physician consultations will be scheduled by appointment with outside providers as approved by Ascension Living HOPE physicians. We will provide transportation to and from these appointments.

Specialist care

As a participant in Ascension Living HOPE, your primary care physician will arrange for specialist care when it is necessary. Because all of your appointments are coordinated through your primary care physician, every specialist you see will be fully informed about your previous care experiences.

Ascension Living HOPE will schedule specialist appointments for you and provide transportation. Specialist services include dental, vision and hearing.

Medication management and pharmacy

All necessary prescription medications are provided and covered as part of your membership in Ascension Living HOPE. Ascension Living HOPE will take the place of your existing Medicare Part D plan, if you have one. Our pharmacy will conduct a review of your medications and is available for medication education or questions, if necessary. Your medications will be provided for you at the day center, so there is no need to coordinate with an outside pharmacy.


If your condition requires a hospital stay, Ascension Living HOPE will work with you and the hospital to coordinate all needed medical care. Ascension Living HOPE physicians and other members of our team will continue to follow you throughout your hospitalization, in an effort to get you the care you need and help you return to your own home as soon as possible.

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