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Ascension Via Christi Imaging at St Francis provides a clear picture to help you get the right treatment.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a super conductive electromagnet, radio waves and sophisticated computer software to generate and enhance images. The result is an unprecedented view of internal organs, body structure and systems. Ascension Via Christi Imaging utilizes high-quality hardware and software to provide doctors with the detailed images they need to make an accurate diagnosis. MRI provides excellent images without radiation exposure.

What to expect during your magnetic resonance exam

The technologist will constantly be in touch with you via intercom. You’ll lie down on the MRI table, which will move into the scanner. During the exam, you may feel a slight vibration and hear a series of rhythmic knocking or hammering sounds. This is all normal. Some MRI exams require the injection of a contrast dye, which assists the Radiologist in obtaining optimal images to make a diagnosis. Most exams take about an hour.

MRI with Excite HD PROPELLER (for patients with difficulty lying still)

Now it’s possible to get excellent image quality on moving patients. GE’s Excite HD PROPELLER software allows us to “freeze” patient motion and provide useful diagnostic images of pediatric, elderly and confused patients.