Visitor Information

Ascension welcomes family and friends of our patients. We’ve provided the information below to help make your visit convenient and comfortable.

For specific visitor hours, guidelines and possible restrictions, please ask the nurses on the floor you intend to visit before making plans. Please limit the frequency and length of visits based on the patient's needs.

Typically, children under 12 may visit when accompanied by an adult. Visiting restrictions may apply to children ages 6 and under.

If visiting a shared patient room, please respect the other patient's privacy.

Please don't visit the hospital if you:

  • Are running a fever or feel feverish
  • Have a cough, sore throat or runny nose
  • Are having body aches, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Have had or been exposed to seasonal flu within the past 7 days

Parents as visitors

You are welcome to spend as much time as you'd like with your child during his or her stay at the hospital. Parents or grandparents can usually stay overnight in the child's room and a limited number of parent sleep rooms are available. Ask the nursing staff for details.

Via Christi is tobacco-free, inside and out

For the better health of our patients, visitors and employees Ascension Via Christi Hospitals are tobacco-free, inside and out. Please refrain from smoking anywhere on our grounds, including on sidewalks and curbs or in parking areas.

Silence helps healing

Did you know that hospital noise is one of the top patient and visitor complaints nationwide? Quiet hospital environments help healing and promote patient and visitor satisfaction.

That’s not surprising given the growing body of research suggesting noise can:

  • Slow the healing process
  • Increase stress and anxiety levels in patients, visitors and staff
  • Cause patients to lose up to two hours of sleep each night
  • Increase heart rates, blood pressure, respiratory rates and cortisol levels

We ask that visitors please be respectful of our patients and refrain from making loud noises while in our facilities.