Community Benefit Reports

How Does St. Vincent Determine Which Community Programs It Will Offer Or Support?

We often practice random acts of kindness, but believe that a systematic approach is best for providing ongoing support for community health. Staff members at each healthcare ministry work with community development professionals to assess community strengths and challenges, identify gaps, and develop or support programs to address those issues.

Periodically, each health ministry partners with its community to conduct a formal community assessment.

  1. Typically, a community roundtable or coalition consisting of stakeholders throughout the community work together to design and implement an assessment.
  2. The assessment can include written and phone surveys, key interviews, focus groups, leadership surveys, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, secondary data review and other techniques.
  3. Working in conjunction with St. Vincent’s community development professionals and with local college/university partners, data is collected and analyzed and reported back to the community roundtable.
  4. The roundtable, which brings together diverse partners from local businesses, government, healthcare, education, civic organizations and human and social service agencies, then presents the results of the assessment to other key community constituencies.
  5. Results can be used to prioritize issues based on extent and urgency of identified challenges and available resource for addressing them. This process often results in long-standing community-wide forums and initiatives, and creates a vision that can be embraced by the entire community.
  6. Community assessment results are reflected in St. Vincent’s strategic planning process for each community as well as in the strategic plans of other community agencies. The 2019 Community Health Needs Assessments and the FY20 — 22 Implementation Strategies have been approved and adopted by each of St. Vincent’s hospital boards.

2019 CHNA Reports and Implementation Strategies

2016 CHNA Reports and Implementation Strategies