St. Vincent Stress Center

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About Us

Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center includes Youth Services Programs that provide mental health services for children, teens, and young adults.

The Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center at 8401 Harcourt Road on the 86th Street campus of Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis includes Mental and Behavioral Health Programs. Our care team provides a wide range of services for children and adolescents, adults of all ages, including seniors. Our focus is on the needs of the whole person. At Ascension, our care team focuses on healing your mind, body, and spirit.

The Stress Center delivers intensive programs and services to treat overwhelming stress or complex medical problems affecting emotional health. We also have dedicated programs for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency and abuse.

All programs require either a new patient assessment (to be completed by St. Vincent staff) or an internal referral from another Behavioral Mental Health program. At your assessment, our patient account representative will discuss your healthcare coverage and specific financial arrangements. We generally accept most health insurance coverage plans. Contact the member services phone number listed on your insurance card to verify mental health benefits.