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About Us

Ascension St. Vincent Anderson Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Center cares for chronic wound care patients in the Madison County, Indiana area.

Helping you Heal 

We specialize in providing care for a wide range of wounds, including:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Wounds from poor circulation
  • Pressure injuries
  • Surgical wounds that are not healing properly
  • Atypical and traumatic wounds
  • Any wound delayed in healing
  • Delayed radiation injury

You may need expert care if your wound:

  • Has not healed in four to six weeks
  • Has become worse in four to six weeks

Wound Care

For the vast majority of wounds, healing follows a relatively brief, simple, and short course, but some chronic wounds are exceptions to the rule. Nearly 6.5 million Americans have non-healing wounds related to diabetes, circulatory problems, pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury, or other slow-to-heal injuries. Unlike normal wounds that the body can heal, certain open wounds may show no significant signs of healing over a period of several weeks. If you have a wound that is not healing properly, Ascension St. Vincent Anderson can help you.

Specially trained providers and wound care teams render the most advanced treatment options available that are a part of an individualized care plan that gives the best opportunity for optimal healing. At Ascension St. Vincent Anderson Wound Care, each patient is evaluated for underlying medical conditions that might inhibit the natural healing process. Our team coordinates with your primary care provider and other specialists to manage barriers to normal healing while also providing guidance to patients and caregivers about how to care for the wound at home.   

Chronic wounds can happen for many reasons. We work with you to provide treatments that best suit your needs. Our wide range of services include:

  • Compression therapy
  • Infection management
  • Advanced therapeutic wound dressings
  • Wound debridement
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Advanced tissue products
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is a treatment during which the patient breathes 100% oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. This treatment quickly delivers high concentrations of oxygen into the bloodstream. The oxygen-enriched blood enhances the body’s normal healing process and is effective in fighting certain types of infections. HBO also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and improves circulation. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be used for:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Chronic refractory osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Delayed radiation injury (osteoradionecrosis & soft tissue radionecrosis)
  • Radiation induced cystitis (inflammation of the bladder)
  • Compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Acute arterial insufficiencies 
  • Crush injuries
  • Gas Gangrene
  • Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Ascension St. Vincent Anderson’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy program usually requires 20 to 30 sessions. Chamber interiors are comfortable and designed so you can listen to music, watch movies, or nap. Before your first treatment, a specially trained healthcare professional will teach you a few simple techniques to avoid potential ear discomfort due to the pressurized environment. A technician always remains by your side for the full duration of each session, and a two-way intercom allows you to talk with each other at any time.

Need our services?

We encourage early referrals to ensure the best possible results. Your provider or specialist may refer you, or you may call and set an initial appointment yourself. Please call (765) 683-3213 if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. Medicare and Medicaid approved.