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Residency Programs

Sacred Heart is an academic medical center or teaching hospital, which means we provide hands-on training to resident physicians who have completed medical school, are licensed to practice medicine and are training to become specialists in their fields. Academic Medical Centers - like Sacred Heart - have been shown in studies to have better patient outcomes for both routine and complex problems.

Our resident physicians and pharmacists play a valuable role in the services we provide at Sacred Heart, both at our outpatient clinics and in the inpatient hospital setting. All residents are closely supervised by experienced physicians, called the attending physician.

In affiliation with the University of Florida College of Medicine, Sacred Heart Health System provides residency programs that train physicians in three specialties: internal medicine,  obstetrics/gynecologyand pediatrics. The physicians in these programs are trained and supervised by University of Florida faculty physicians at Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Hospital also offers a one-year Pharmacy Residency Program and variety of clinical rotations to third and fourth year medical students.

To learn more about the various residency programs at Sacred Heart, visit ufpensacolagme.org


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