St. Vincent's Blount

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  • Hospital/Medical Center
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  • Primary Care/Clinic
Address 150 Gilbreath Dr
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone 205-274-3000 Appointments

Community Benefit Reports

A Community Heath Needs Assessment (CHNA) is conducted to provide an overview of the state of health of a community and social factors contributing and influencing health. The CHNA may then be used as a guide for community health improvement strategies. Periodic updating of assessments note changes in health status
and factors over time and help ensure current improvement efforts are based on current needs of the community.

Community Health Assessment Reports

Community Health Assessment Report 2017-2019

Community Health Assessment Report 2020-2022

Public Implementation Strategy

We welcome your feedback on our Community Health Needs Assessment. Please email chnafeedback@ascension.org with any comments.