Health Education

Childbirth Education One Day Class

This class is designed to help prepare you and your partner for the birthing process.



  • $45 One-Day Class


This one-time, six-hour class will use videos and interactive activities to educate and empower you and your partner about the following topics:

  • Third trimester health
  • Preparation for labor 
  • Stages and phases of labor
  • Delivery process 
  • Pain management options for labor & delivery 
  • Delivery interventions 
  • Cesarean delivery and recovery 
  • Postpartum/ recovery period

The course will include a tour of the Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby Units.

Payment is due at time of registration. The fee of $45 includes mother + support person.

Please feel free to bring snacks, drinks, or anything needed to make yourself comfortable. Several breaks will be provided, along with a lunch break during which you are welcome to visit our cafeteria or any nearby restaurant.

Classes are held in Classroom 3/4 located across from the cafeteria. There will be signs to point you in the right direction upon entering the main lobby. 

If your class required payment, a refund will be given if a cancellation request is received 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the start of the class/program. A full refund will be given for any class cancelled by the site.