Health Education

Saint Thomas Rutherford Breastfeeding Basics Class

This 2 hour class will provide a jumpstart to prepare you to breastfeed your baby.


  • $30 Per couple


This class is taught by a registered nurse who specializes in lactation and will cover positioning, milk production, pumping, coping strategies, and more! There will be time for questions and answers from an expert.   A support person is encouraged to attend, and the registration fee covers both of you. 

For additional registration information, you may email or call 615-396-5376.

For more specific breastfeeding information, you may reach our Lactation Office by calling 615-396-4167.

Do you need help with breastfeeding??? We offer one-on-one help after your baby is born. 

Please call the lactation office for more information about our FREE BREASTFEEDING OUTREACH CLINIC.

In the event you need to cancel your class registration, please email the office to request a refund or to transfer your registration to another date.   A full refund will be given if your class is cancelled by the site.