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Childbirth Education Bartlesville

Childbirth Education- Bartlesville Evenings


  • Free Per Couple


No Registration Required

This class is offered for parents who are having their first child or for parents who have not had a child in a long time.  

There are two sessions to this class, the first will cover a tour of Labor and Delivery. We will review labor warning signs, when to go to the hospital, what to expect when you are admitted, epidurals and pain management options.  We will also discuss birth stories from vaginal and cesarean deliveries.

The second session will review baby care for when you are at home with your little one and includes information about breastfeeding. 

The sessions meet once a week for two weeks.  Please be sure to check that you can attend both sessions.


 Please Register under the Mother's name. There is no charge for classes held at our Bartlesville location.

If your class required payment, a refund will be given if a cancellation request is received 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the start of the class/program. A full refund will be given for any class cancelled by the site.