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Bodies in Balance Risk Factors to Prevent Falls

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Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast will host the first in a series of free 2019 health seminars on the topic of fall prevention on Friday, Jan. 18 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Somerby Assisted Living in Santa Rosa Beach.  Speakers at the seminar are Leslie Moskal, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Mary Kay Cattaneo, Director of Rehabilitation Services for Sacred Heart Hospital.

Leslie Moskal will speak on behavioral, home and environmental risk factors associated with falls – covering a variety of topics including; tripping hazards, safety measures, common injuries from falls and the biological risks associated with falls such as; muscle weakness, medication side effects and/or interactions, chronic health conditions, vision impairment, anxiety and fear of falling, as well as activities you can do to help prevent falls from happening.

Mary Kay Cattaneo will share information on the Bodies in Balance Fall Prevention Program available through Sacred Heart and our Wellness Program offering aquatic, strengthening and balance classes offered at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation at Somerby Assisted Living in Santa Rosa Beach. Free balance assessments will be provided at the seminar.

Rehabilitation Services at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast provide the expertise to properly diagnose and manage your rehabilitation needs. The center also provides specialized care, troubleshooting, and education for patients that have conditions effecting their overall balance and mobility. A multidisciplinary team of physical therapy experts work together to strengthen and preserve mobility while educating the patient and preventing future falls and injuries. 

The free community-education seminar will be held at Somerby Assisted Living, 164 W. Hewett Road, Santa Rosa Beach, 2nd Floor Conference Rm. To register please go online to or call (850) 278-3600.


  • Mary Kay Cattaneo , Director of Rehab Services