Health Education

Saturday Childbirth Class at St Vincent s Clay County

Everything you wanted to learn about childbirth. 



  • $60 Option 1
  • $40 Option 2
  • $20 Option 3


Class will be held in the Gottlieb education rooms.

Classes cover the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, changes during pregnancy, warning signs of pre-term labor, potential complications of pregnancy, what to expect during labor and birth, labor support and Lamaze techniques, hospital routines, analgesia and anesthesia, medical interventions, Cesarean birth, and newborn procedures. Cost of class is $60.00 Registration covers the cost of 2. Discount for Hospital employees or Medicaid patients, please email below for code.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact: Adrienne Geathers, Nurse Manager at 904-602-1006, by email at