Diabetes Path Wilson Senior Assessment Center

(Personal Action Toward Health)


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The Diabetes-PATH workshop is a six week workshop designed to provide the skills and tools to help people living with diabetes and their support system live a healthier life. Two trained leaders conduct the workshop. The skills and tools learned in the workshop will help you manage everyday activities by making an action plan, avoid complications, learn to balance your blood sugar, improve your communication skills with your family and health care provider, understand the importance of monitoring your blood sugar, manage symptoms and decrease stress, improve your overall health and increase your energy.

Classes are six consecutive weeks running for 2 ½ hours. Classes start promptly at 10 am and end at 12 noon.  Feel free to bring water and a healthy snack if needed.   People are strongly encouraged to eat a good breakfast and/or lunch on day of class.   The workshop will be canceled if the minimum number of 8 participants is not registered prior to the start of the workshop. No new member will be admitted to the workshop after the second session.

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