Vinyasa Yoga


Dynamic and flowing style of Hatha Yoga


  • $50 Vinyasa Yoga One Day
  • $80 Vinyasa Yoga Combo


No Registration Required

Vinysasa Yoga links the conscious breath with mindful movement through a dynamic and flowing yoga practice. Starting with a warm up to connect our breath and to begin to loosen up the muscles, you will transition into a series of flowing sequences to build heat before cooling down with deeper stretches on the mat.  Use the movements, postures and breath work to help improve balance, flexibility  and strength while creating a connection between the body and mind.  All levels welcome.  Please bring a mat.

Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm in the Fitness Studio.

You can sign up to attend on one of these days for $50 or sign up for both days for $80.

Members do not need to register.