RPM Cycle Fall 2019


Challenging yet fun non-impact cycling journey.


  • $55 RPM - 1 day/week
  • $110 RPM-2 days/week
  • $165 RPM-3 days/week


No Registration Required

Les Mills' signature cycling workout that delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints.  Let the great music motivate you and get your pedals spinning as your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and more.  You control your own resistance levels and speed so you can build up your fitness level over time. 

RPM meets on Mondays at 5:45am & Tuesdays/Thursdays at 6pm in the Cycling Studio. 

Cost to attend class one day per week is $55. Participants can register for more than one class. 

Members do not need to register - this class is free to members.