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Center for Women and Infants Tour St Joseph Campus 

During this unprecedented time, please take the time to view the virtual tour and read the TOUR SCRIPT below.  If you plan to enroll in a hospital tour in May and beyond, scroll to the bottom to register.  Stay Safe & Well!  

Arrival & Parking:

  • Talk to your OB provider about when to arrive at the hospital if you are in labor and the need to call them first.

  • Valet parking is available for $1.00, Monday through Friday from 6:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Valet is not available on weekends or holidays. Please use the Main Hospital Lobby on 50th & Chambers Street.

  • Free parking is located in the hospital parting structure and you may use the entrance on North 51st Street.  Park on the third level (light blue signs) and look for maternity parking near the Chamber Street skywalk entrance. Use the 3rd-floor skywalk and follow signs to labor and delivery.  This entrance is open 24/7.  

  • Between the hours of 8:00 pm - 8:00 am, Security will greet you and ask to see a photo ID before allowing you to enter the unit.  

  • During this time, avoid using the Emergency Department entrance unless it is a true emergency!

    Labor & Delivery

    • Enter the lobby area of Labor & Delivery from the 3rd-floor skywalk and check-in at the front desk. Since this is a secured unit, there is a phone located on the wall with direct access to the nurses’ station if no one is at the front desk.  

    • You may be triaged upon arrival and may be admitted after being assessed by a nurse and doctor.  If you are staying to deliver, you will be moved to one of the (Labor, Delivery, Recovery rooms) LDRs.

    • Consider bringing comfortable clothes, warm socks, sandal/ flip flops, slippers, toiletries, comfort objects, hard or gummy candies, hair ties, hairbrush, nursing bra, comfortable pajamas, robe, chargers for electronics, etc.

    • Each LDR consists of a Labor bed (can be maneuvered to many positions for labor and delivery), a wireless fetal monitor, bathroom with shower and whirlpool tub, TV/DVD player; rocker/ recliner, cot, with pillows, and linen for the support person to stay overnight, baby warmer, Free WiFi, Birthing balls, Birthing bar, and room phone with a direct number.

    • During labor, your nurse will monitor contractions and labor progress, assess the baby’s heartbeat, administer medications, communicate with your Provider, support your comfort, and include you in the plan of care.

    • There is anesthesia coverage in L & D at all times for epidurals as well as C/sections. We also have OB coverage, Maternal-Fetal Medicine coverage, and Neonatology coverage 24/7.  The NICU team will also attend any “high-risk deliveries”.

    • After delivery, the nurse will monitor your recovery for 1 - 2 hours, assess you and baby, help initiate skin to skin contact with your baby, assist with breastfeeding, and prepare you for transfer to the Family Birth Center. Skin to skin is encouraged during this time, throughout your hospital stay and even at home to help with bonding, successful breastfeeding, temperature regulation, and mom’s recovery from delivery.

      Family Birth Center

  • The Family Birth Center (FBC) is on the 4th floor.  Enter the 2nd-floor sky bridge from the parking structure and take Elevator E up to the fourth floor.  Your guests can pick up the phone in the FBC lobby to gain access to the secured unit.
  • Your hospital stay for an uncomplicated vaginal birth is about 48 hours from the time of delivery, and 3 -4 days for a C/section.

  • Each private room has a traditional hospital bed, TV/DVD player, bathroom with a shower, bassinet with baby supplies, futon with pillows and linen for support person, rocker, and care items for mom (pads, ice packs, underwear, peri-bottle, analgesic spray, etc.)

    • Rooming-in is standard; there is a secure nursery behind the nurses’ station for procedures.

    • Your Pediatrician will be in to see the baby each day in the hospital- questions or concerns may be addressed during these visits. If your provider does not have hospital privileges, the hospital neonatologist will be assigned to your baby during the hospital stay.  Once your baby is discharged, your provider will take over care.

    • The nurse who cares for you will also be caring for your baby.  She is a great source of information so ask plenty of questions!  

    • Care for your baby may include bath; Vitamin K (for blood clotting); hearing screen; state blood screen; congenital heart screen; jaundice screen; and more!  Immunizations may also be started with your permission.

    • Circumcision for boys usually happens the day of discharge.  Your OB will perform the procedure in the nursery.  Ask your OB provider about risks and benefits.  Nurses will show you how to care for your son after.

    • International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are available to assist with breastfeeding during the hospital stay as well as once you are home.

    • Foodservice is available at 630 am- 630pm.  Your tray will come up during scheduled times.  A dietary ambassador will work with you for any specific dietary needs.  There is a pantry on the unit to warm, chill or store food.  You are welcome to have food brought in or order food to be delivered.  Your partner/support person will need to get his/her own food.  One meal will be provided for you both as a Celebration meal from a special menu.


      Visiting guidelines have recently changed for your protection.  

    • Currently, the hospital allows only one person in labor and delivery for support.  

      After your baby has arrived, your support person is the only one allowed to visit.  Given the concern for community health, the units are also requesting that your support person limit the number of times moving in and out of your room.  

      • You may want to keep this in mind when arranging childcare or pet care options while you are hospitalized.


        FREE tour offered at all hospitals. Familiarize yourself with the location and see first hand the amenities available in our Birthing Center.

        We invite you to tour the Center for Women and Infants. On the tour, you can familiarize yourself with the location and see first hand the convenience of our parking, entrances, and location of service. A nurse will answer any questions that you may have. The tour is for expecting parents and their children along with extended family.

        *The tour is free, but registration is required; please note each person separately who will be attending.
        Hospital Tours are included in all of our Childbirth Prep and Childbirth Express classes and separate tour registration is not required.

        Please meet in the main lobby of  St. Joseph Hospital located at 5000 W. Chambers Street - Milwaukee.

        Tours are provided in English unless otherwise stated. If you require language assistance please let us know when you call or register. We are happy to support your communication needs through interpreter resources.


        Diane Braza


        Michelle Uttke, BSN, RN, Perinatal Outreach Supervisor at 414-447-2622 or 414-975-0209, send an email

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September 3, 2020
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September 12, 2020
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September 22, 2020
4:30 p.m.-5:15 p.m.
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October 1, 2020
5:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m.
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