A Night of Hope Chilton 2019

From dope dealer to hope dealer, Nathan Scheer of Fond du Lac, shares his story on heroin recovery. 


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It all started with a car accident back in 2008 when Nathan became addicted to prescribed pain pills/opioids. After doctors cut him off three and a half years later, the addiction had moved onto heroin.

Just days before Christmas in 2016, Nathan had been arrested at his home in front of his wife and children when his probation officer had been tipped off that he would test dirty for drugs. The humiliation opened Nathan’s eyes and his life began to turn around.

Service was part of the answer. Nathan decided to try and rebuild what he had once destroyed. Nathan and his son, Bentley started a ritual of cleaning up parks, playgrounds and streets as a way to give back to the community. This began the father-son mission “Adventures of the Baby Jerk Face.”

Shame and fear kept him using while being a “Hope Dealer” allowed Scheer to step out of the shadows and heal. Through speaking his story, he is that much more diligent about staying sober.

Come join us for an evening of inspiration and hope as Nathan chronicles his addiction and recovery!

Free-will donations will be accepted and donated to the Grant Richman Random Acts of Kindness Fund and the Adventures of the Baby Jerk Face

Registration/Check-In 5:30 PM

Nathan Scheer-6:00 PM

Expert Panel-6:45 PM

Exhibits & Refreshments-7:15 PM

*This is a free event but registration is required. Seating is limited.