Northwoods Wellness and Safety Network

Join the Northwoods Safety and Wellness Network. The title of this quarterly meeting is "The $10,000 Per Claim Advantage"



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Designed for all professionals whose work involves the health, safety, and well-being of employees and clients, the Network will provide participants a chance to share resources and programs, raise awareness of health, wellness and safety issues at the worksite, and build connections among a community of like-minded professionals. 

Please share this meeting invitation with professionals in the area. These free sessions will be valuable learning opportunities and we invite all to attend.

A light breakfast will be served.

Presenter: Bill Barnes, President of the Business Insurance Group that specializes Osha Compliance, Mod Review, Safety Program Development, and Lost Time Claim Management Services. He routinely attends employer safety meetings and advises on “how to” save money on Mod Review. Bill will explain the new WCRB state formula and how lost time injuries adversely affect your premium. He will review Section 102.43 of the Work Comp Act to help employers understand the difference between a Medical Only claim and Lost Time claim.

Round Table Discussion will follow Bill's presentation: What does your company do to minimize lost time claims once an injury does occur (i.e. communication with employee/health care providers, accommodation of light duty restrictions etc.)?